bonne nuit (J’ai un rhume allergique, j’espère dormir ce nuit)

bonne nuit (J'ai un rhume allergique, j'espère dormir ce nuit) dans image bon nuit, jour, dimanche etc. crested-crane-nichols-642758-ga

Crested Crane, Zaire, 1995Photograph by Michael Nichols

Backlit by the setting sun, a crested crane forages in the African savanna. Also called grey-crowned cranes, these ostentatiously adorned birds are known for their equally flamboyant courtship dances, which involve, among other flourishes, head-bobbing, jumping, wing-flapping, and stick-tossing.

(Photo shot on assignment for, but not published in, « Return to Rwanda, » October 1995, National Geographic magazine)

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