Card. Andre Vingt-Trois et Card. Emanuel III

Card. Andre Vingt-Trois et Card. Emanuel III  dans images

New cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois of France receives the biretta, a four-cornered red hat, from Pope Benedict XVI during the Consistory ceremony in Saint Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican November 24, 2007. Pope Benedict, elevating 23 prelates from around the world to the elite rank of cardinal, made a pressing appeal on Saturday for an end to the war in Iraq and decried the plight of the country’s Christian minority. REUTERS/Tony Gentile (ITALY);_ylt=At34KD8f.5XknC5lFf.R0UtgWscF

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Iraq’s newly appointed cardinal Emmanuel III Delly gets his red hat — symbolising the blood of the martyrs — from Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican. Twenty-three new cardinals knelt before the pontiff to accept their birettas — square red hats — during a time-honoured ceremony inducting them into the elite body that advises and elects popes.(AFP/Christophe Simon);_ylt=At34KD8f.5XknC5lFf.R0UtgWscF

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